South Tel Aviv

Educators' Kibbutz

 A new building for our Educators' Kibbutz on the Ba'al HaAkeida Street

"It was 'Tel-Olam', the leftovers of ancient ruins, and now it is 'Tel Aviv' - On our old land we founded a new state"

 -Theodor Herzl

Who We Are - South Tel Aviv Educators' Kibbutz

Israel's New Social Startup

Visitors to south Tel Aviv those days are likely to come across the exciting social innovation that is working to transform the city neighborhoods – the south Tel Aviv Educators’ Kibbutz.

For 20 years, the kibbutz – part of the Dror Israel social movement – has been working to create positive change in south Tel Aviv challenging urban environment by establishing a vibrant cooperative community of educators.

Today, the kibbutz numbers 100 members whose devotion to a range of formal and informal educational projects makes a daily impact in the lives of thousands of children, youth and adults throughout south Tel Aviv neighborhoods and communities. 

Mr. Ron Huldai

"The urban Educators' Kibbutz that the Dror Israel Movement has established in Tel Aviv-Yafo is thus one of its most important projects, and contributes greatly to our social-urban efforts. I see the growth of this unique educational center in the city as groundbreaking and support the construction of an Educators' Kibbutz building in the Shapira neighborhood. 
I welcome any person or organization that chooses to support this group of young pioneers in the goal that they have chosen for themselves".

Ron Huldai

Tel Aviv Mayor

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17 Ba'al HaAkeda St
Tel Aviv-Yafo,

+972 54-673-4322

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